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Bank On Us for Outstanding Video Creative.

VMG Digital is trusted by the leading financial brands in the world. Bank on us to deliver high-performing mobile-first video creative for brand and conversion objectives.

The highest return on brand assets.

Our clients have seen impressive results by optimising their brand assets into outstanding video ads for social media.

Standard Chartered

Interactive Playable Ad
 2x higher CTR


Facebook Feed and Youtube Video


Full Placement Campaigns and TVC Adaptation


-40% CPC and +60% CTR

Choose a package or build your own.

Based on best practice and proven ad formats, our packages are designed to deliver impact and value. Build your own package to meet specific needs. 


High impact, smart investment.
$ 2520 SGD 3060
  • 1x 15s video (any placement)
  • 1x 15s video (any placement)
  • 1x Optimized Static/thumbnail


Low barrier engagement
$ 3700 SGD 4500
  • 1x 15s interactive story
  • 2x 15s video (any placement)
  • 1x Optimized Static/thumbnail


Stand out with gamification.
$ 6000 SGD 8100
  • 1x HTML5 Playable Ad
  • 1x <15s Lead in Video
  • Choice of standard game play mechanic options (standard code base usage)

Brief. Review. Publish. Easy!

Get full control of your creative project with our video ad creative platform, Create.

Easily submit your brief, upload assets and share drafts with your team.

Collaborate online to send feedback to our studio.

Once you are ready, approve and publish directly into your Ads Manager.

Create Sceen
Select an area of the frame to provide feedback
Collaborate with your team and send feedback directly to our studio
Download or share with others
Provide frame-by-frame feedback

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Shannon Yew

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