Level Up with motivation-based creative.

A 30-minute masterclass for the mobile gaming community on how to fuel user acquisition with motivation-based ads that resonate with your audience and drive action.

Learn what makes your players tick and the control.

Get actionable insights into player motivations that fuel growth in a 30-minute free masterclass delivered by VMG Digital’s gaming expert.

Learn all about the motivational framework that guides our creative production to drive tangible results and attract new gamers.

You'll learn...

  • How to design and execute motivation-based creatives.
  • How to match game features with player motivations.
  • How to make a motivation framework for ideating.
  • Illustrated examples from Puzzle, Strategy and RPG games.

Presented by

Amrita Sidhu

Amrita leads commercial and customer services teams and specialises in building strong technology, creative and platform partnerships.

Rhian Gainsborough

Rhian is the commercial lead for mobile gaming, helping studios level-up their creative

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