Angular Developer 


  1. Expert knowledge of AngularJS
  2. Possession of theoretical software methodologies
  3. A bachelor’s degree in computer technology or related specialties
  4. Deep understanding of coding
  5. Knowledge of modern framework practices
  6. Working knowledge of JS
  7. 2+ years experience in a similar position
  8. Ability to cooperate with software testers
  9. Experience with integrating complex user interfaces
  10. Knowledge of assembly tools
  11. Expert knowledge of JS environments
  12. Excellent ability to work with multiple web platforms
  13. Experience in creating web applications for different devices
  14. Search and correction of UI errors
  15. Ability to write code that will be compatible with different browsers

According to the job description, requirements for an Angular developer also include the ability to adapt the user interface of web applications to different devices and platforms. It is also important to properly configure interaction with internal APIs.

Roles and responsibilities

  1. Study and analysis of project requirements
  2. Planning for the future user interface
  3. Selection of the most suitable technologies for development
  4. Selection of optimal design solutions for the customer
  5. Development of the user interface for applications
  6. Putting the product into operation
  7. Familiarity with all the practices and rules of a certain framework
  8. Improving the performance of the finished product
  9. Writing efficient JS code
  10. Implementation of updates and user interface support

Additionally, the Angular developer must evaluate the completed work and check the quality of the resulting interface on the user side.


  1. Excellent communication skills
  2. Time management
  3. Ability to work well with colleagues and management
  4. Stress tolerance
  5. Ability to solve problems on the spot
  6. A desire to make the product perfect
  7. The ability to come to the aid of colleagues in time
  8. Attention to details

Each company can have its own unique requirements for candidates for the position of Angular developer in addition to the standard job description. Specialists are chosen based on current demands, but this template is a great place to start. Feel free to use it for your own resume or recruiting purposes.

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Job Type: Full Time

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