Igniting Brands in the consumer goods realm

Dynamic CPG Advertising

Elevate your CPG brand with dynamic video ads that drive sales. Stand out in the competitive CPG market and leave a lasting impact on your target audience.

Trusted Mobile-First CPG Marketing Creative Experts

Result-Driven Creatives for Consumer Packaged Goods

Experience the power of compelling creatives to elevate your brand. Our strategic designs captivate consumers, drive engagement, and boost sales, ensuring your products stand out in the competitive market.

Our CPG Campaign Services:
Interactive Ads
Social Ads
Display Ads
Illustrated Ads
3D Ads
AR Ads
9:16 Facebook Feed

Crafting top-of-mind creatives for the CPG Market

Our strategic designs captivate consumers, leaving an unforgettable impression that ensures your brand and products are the first choices when it matters most. 


Taking Skincare to the next level

163% increase in CTR

293% increase in new messages

163% increase in incremental purchases


Optimized creative that highlights the solution rather than the problem

+11.0 points lift in ad recall, contributing to overall lift

+8.2 uplift in brand reference


Incorporating Partnerships into Creative

By repurposing existing footage and static images, VMG created an animated series of mobile-first content to educate the Australian public and spread awareness.

Success Through CPG Video Advertising

Tier1 and APAC Expertise

Go the extra mile! Our international team of experts can culturize your assets, no matter where you are

Creative refresh for rapid testing and less fatigue.

Our packages offer a hero concept and multiple variations for rapid testing based on performance.

Made to Perform

We tap into player motivations to drive ad performance and produce creative that stays true to your brand and resonates with your audience.

“A collaborative team that knows how to get the job done. They are easily accessible and are very responsive to questions and feedback. The team is super organized and has helped us produce creative assets that included an amazing animation for one of our biggest campaigns”
new world supermarket
Warsha Lata
New World Brand Team
“The content has performed well for us, our main goal is to drive new app downloads across Apple and Android devices. With the new creative, we did see a 3% increase in reach and consistent results month on month, despite the smaller audience list we were targeting.”
Josh Bendell
GYG Digital Marketing Manager

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    CPG advertising, short for Consumer Packaged Goods advertising, refers to marketing strategies and campaigns designed to promote fast-moving consumer goods to increase brand visibility, create demand, and drive consumer purchases at retail stores and online platforms.

    CPG stands for “Consumer Packaged Goods,” referring to products that are consumed regularly and typically have a short shelf life, such as food, beverages, toiletries, and household items.

    CPG advertising helps your company by increasing brand visibility, attracting new customers, driving product demand, and ultimately boosting sales and revenue for your consumer packaged goods.