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28% of marketers find playable and interactive ads the most effective format.

Engage your audience through interactive advertising. Elevate user experience and increase app downloads, in-app purchases and brand recall.

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We create “experiences” through interactive ads tailored for your audience.
Maximize engagement in the age of non-stop scrolling.
9:16 Interactive Instagram Stories
9:16 Interactive Instagram Stories
9:16 Interactive Instagram Stories

How Interactive Ads Help Brands

Success Through Playable Interactive Ads

Filipino brand, Piattos, sees huge results by introducing playable ads to their campaign. 

16% higher ad recall

6.2x increase in brand awareness

1:1 Interactive Facebook Feed

OCBC gets a fun new ad makeover

Increasing awareness of OCBC’s new initiative by engaging the audience in a fun “catch & collect” minigame. The campaign saw:

99% Incremental Conversion Rate

81% Gameplay Rate

66% Increase in CTR. 

1:1 Interactive Facebook Feed

Frequently Asked Questions

Interactive display ads allow audiences to physically engage with your brand in a more immersive & exciting way. It’s a great way to encourage your audiences to participate rather than just viewing your ads or ignore them like what static ads do. One great example of Interactive display ads are poll ads you see on Instagram stories.
Interactive media ads invite or reward audience participation or engagement. There are several types of interactive media ads, including augmented reality, playable ads, in-person interactive ads, video game advertising and even social media ads like Twitter and Instagram polls. Unlike traditional advertising, where there’s only business-to-consumer interaction, interactive media advertising is a two-way street.
Interactive video ad is a type of interactive media advertising that allow audiences to engage with a brand. Unlike static ads that do not encourage action, interactive video ads are more immersive, exciting, and engaging. There are several ways you can make your video ads interactive including hotspots, 360 views, branches, data inputs, quizzes, polls, etc.
Interactive ad campaigns are a great way to get your audience involved right from their mobile devices. These truly entertaining ads will naturally increase your player base, and recall by providing an ad that users can engage with.. Interactive marketing has never been better. Interactive video advertising is proven to have maximum impact on ad performance, seeing a 1X higher CTR than non-interactive ads.

We work with you to understand your campaign objective and create inviting playable ads that your audience can engage with and deliver results in the right way.

In a community of consumers who have grown used to scrolling and skipping, interactive ads are a top-tier way to capture their attention. We produce teasers of your game, branded effects for your videos or polls and stickers for your instagram stories.

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