Using gamification to make an impact

The Singapore bank used playable ads to share news about its sustainability initiatives and engage audiences in a new way.

The Goal

OCBC Bank wanted to find an innovative and engaging way to raise awareness about its efforts to reduce carbon dioxide levels by planting 2,000 trees at the OCBC Arboretum in Singapore.


Being the first ever financial institution in Singapore to run a playable ad, the uncertainity of how this would be received by their audience was high.

The Solution

To engage its audience, OCBC created a mobile game using the popular “catch and collect” format to showcase its conservation efforts and educate people about the benefits of this initiative. It was the first financial institution in Singapore to use playable ads to drive awareness.

The bank developed the campaign in partnership with Facebook. Following Facebook best practices, the team incorporated OCBC’s key messaging and branding right away in the lead-in video and playable preview.

236,000 people reached 99% incremental conversion rate


Gameplay rate


Increase in CTR