Increasing in-app purchases with stunning game visuals

VMG was tasked with increasing downloads and in-app purchases by developing assets that accurately reflected the gameplay while creating visually striking hooks to grab viewers’ attention.
Service: 3D Ads

The Goal

Call of War 1942 from Bytro Studios is the number 1 real-time World War II strategy game. Players from across the globe fight it out to rewrite history in a virtual battle for world supremacy. With limited internal resources and a reliance on static assets, Bytro turned to VMG to give their creative a lift.


Bytro had limited internal resources its creative was relying on static assets for their creative,  which was not performing as expected.

The Solution

VMG developed concepts placing the audience in the hot seat of the country leader, using a variety of iconic figures, quotes and imagery interlaced with gameplay to make impactful creative that spoke to the audience.

Ranked 1 and 2 among 5 creatives

1 & 2

VMG Creative drove 67% of in-app purchases



We were satisfied with the quality of work given and our Facebook A/B Tests results confirmed it.