Decrease in CPM has Colgate smiling

VMG Digital produced mobile-first assets to introduce Colgate’s ProClinical 500R toothbrush to the market under brand new, strict marketing and legal guidelines.

The Goal

Colgate-Palmolive was looking to introduce the Proclinical 250R and 500R electrical toothbrushes in the Australian market.


Colgate had its new brand guidelines rolled out while VMG Digital was being briefed for the 250R campaign. VMG was one of the first few agencies to work with their new brand guidelines. It was on VMG Digital’s shoulders to set the benchmark right for upcoming Colgate projects that can be adapted globally.

Strict marketing and legal guidelines gave narrow window to expand creatively.

However, Colgate had faith in the VMG work, and provided feedback and brief up to mark which did not lead to any mismanagement of the campaign.

The Solution

Delivery went smoothly for all creatives including a full animation video of how to brush your teeth using Proclinical electric toothbrush to make it more interactive for users to watch and urge them to try the product. The final assets were a 15 sec Feed video, a6 sec Feed video and one animated GIF.

4M Users


Decrease in CPM



Everything is well communicated. They have told me what is needed and managed my expectations. I think everything is very clear and no confusion and the TVC cut is actually 10% higher than what we expected.

Adrian Soo
Growth Marketing Manager / Miko.AI