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Video Ad Services That Captures The Essence of Your Brand

With video-style advertising being the most popular and easiest to consume, it’s a no-brainer to include video ads in your next campaign.

1:1 Square Format

From feed to in-stream, we know the best practices to deliver the results you need.

9:16 Portrait Format

Make your video ad creatives perform better by going full-screen.

16:9 Landscape Format

Unskippable pre-roll ads and attention-grabbing banners

Benefits of Good Graphic Video Design

Success Through Video Marketing Services

Lyger Coffee

With the objective of telling impactful stories and increasing brand awareness while keeping costs low, Lyger Coffee by Tyger Brands through Meta worked with VMG Digital to create a 15-second in-stream video ad rendered in a 16:9 format. The task was to repurpose existing videos to create a compelling in-stream ad for Facebook.

12% lower cost per lift 

5.3X higher completed video views 

68% lower cost per 15-second ThruPlay



VMG Digital worked with Whitelab, a beauty & skincare brand, and Meta on a campaign of Facebook in-stream video ads with video topics. Below are the results.

1.6-point higher lift in message association 

4X higher average video play duration 

51% lower average cost per video Thruplay 

Frequently Asked Questions

Using video ads is the easiest way to connect your brand to your audiences. Videos are more attention-grabbing and have been shown to have higher engagement and conversion rates compared to other types of ads.

Video ads can tell a story or convey a message in a way that is more compelling and memorable than other types of advertising. It is fun, engaging, and creates an emotional connection with your audiences, which can help to build brand loyalty and drive better results.

The four main types of ads are Display, Search, Video, and Native ads. Display ads are images, videos, and other interactive elements that are placed on different websites and channels to improve brand awareness. Search ads are intent-based and target people who are searching through Google while video ads are used to showcase products or services, tell a story, or educate audiences in a fun and engaging way. Native ads on the other hand are designed to look and feel like organic content and can be less intrusive than other types of ads. They are found on websites and social media platforms. 

A 100% yes. Video is a powerful marketing medium that can help businesses increase engagement, improve brand awareness, drive higher conversion rates, and reach a wider audience. VMG Digital is the best video marketing company to help you. 

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