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Art and smarts come together at our studios to produce ads that open hearts and win placements by repurposing any existing assets or creating them from scratch.



Localising assets for global results

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Asus worked with VMG to raise awareness for the ZenBook Pro Duo and VivoBook product launches in multiple languages and markets, a but a limited set of assets. 

Increasing in-app purchases with stunning game visuals

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In-feed video

story video

VMG was tasked with increasing downloads and in-app purchases by developing assets that accurately reflected the gameplay while creating visually striking hooks to grab viewers’ attention.

Overcoming lack of assets with 6s creative

In-Feed Video

Story Video

Dove needed to adapt their long-form video in Thai language, to introduce their 1-min conditioner without having English voice over to work with.

We are stronger together

We work continuously with clients and partners to make each other stronger.

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Platform Partners

The largest tech platforms in the world trust us to deliver creative that delights their clients across platforms and placements.

Colgate – Palmolive

The VMG Digital team have been great to work with as a partner of ours. They have always been very responsive to our requests and managed the challenges and complexities of our projects in an agile way; delivering quality digital assets for our campaigns

James Hoult
Brand Manager / Colgate - Palmolive