Overcoming lack of assets with SUPERs

Dove needed to adapt their long-form video in Chinese language, to introduce their 1-min conditioner without having English voice over to work with.

The Goal

Dove wanted to run a brand awareness and localisation campaign to promote their 1-minute conditioner which required localising video creative that was originally produced for other markets and languages. 


The assets provided had voice-over in a different language than the one required. VMG Digital creatively solved the lack of voice over by adding SUPERs based on what subjects were being shown in the original video.

The Solution

The end result tells the story by using split-screens and logo animation The storyline flows well without sacrificing branding. In consultation with Dove, VMG Digital created 6s videos that focus on different aspects of the product and just one 15s video.

The creative brought the story to life effectively. In fact, the 6s videos outperformed the 15s version.

The results

The Results



The Results


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