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Witness stunning graphics, lifelike animations, and breathtaking sound effects that transport you to alternate realities.

Trusted by the industry, from independent gaming studios through to AAA publishers

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Ads For Video Games  that Win Over the Gaming Community

Our motivation-based framework allows you to produce bespoke variations of your ads for video games to hook a more diverse player base. We strike the right balance between authentic gameplay and visually string hooks that appeal to multiple audiences.

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Level Up YOUR Mobile Game Advertising


Age of Magic: Using striking visuals to expand RPG player base

+400% increase in percentage of Playable users


Multiple wins for Rovio's Phoenix Rangers

-18% Cost per install

+18% Click-through rate


Increased In-App Purchases for Call Of War

Ranked #1 and #2

creatives out of 5 in 2 week A/B test

Success Through Video Game Advertising

Tier1 and APAC Expertise

Go the extra mile! Our international team of experts can culturize your assets, no matter where you are

Creative refresh for rapid testing and less fatigue.

Our packages offer a hero concept and multiple variations for rapid testing based on performance.

Made to Perform

We tap into player motivations to drive ad performance and produce creative that stays true to your brand and resonates with your audience.

“Working with VMG was very pleasant. We felt that your team was very passionate to make videos to be more creative and noticed how you discussed and tried to come up with new ideas. We loved how you were very professional throughout the entire process including timelines and revisions.” 
Jake Son
“VMG Digital’s video got 4% higher CVR than other video. We've been desired to have different ratio of videos other than 1:1 and they created 2 different sizes with a video so we are satisfied. They are patient and keep checking on the schedules/actions that I might missed.” 
Songlee Lee
Marketing Assistant, Smilegate

Frequently Asked Questions

Expand your player base, drive downloads, and enhance user engagement. Stand out from the competition, monetize effectively, and position your game for long-term success. Reach your target audience, increase revenue, and maximize the impact of your game through strategic and compelling advertising campaigns.

By leveraging captivating visuals, engaging gameplay footage, and compelling messaging, game advertisements capture the attention of potential players. Through precise targeting, data analysis, and optimization, game advertising maximizes exposure, drives downloads, boosts user engagement, and generates revenue. 

In-game advertisements come in three fundamental types,  first is static advertisements – these are non-interactive and fixed ads placed within the game environment. Second, are video ads that are typically shown before, during, or after gameplay, either as short pre-roll or mid-roll videos. Lastly, Playable ads allow players to engage with a mini-game or interactive demo that showcases the gameplay mechanics and features of a promoted game. 

The effectiveness of in-game advertising stems from its ability to integrate seamlessly into the gaming experience. By placing ads within the game environment, brands can achieve high visibility and capture the attention of engaged players. These ads can be tailored to fit the game’s theme, enhancing immersion and authenticity.

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