86% of internet users play mobile games

Game-changing creative that delivers

Boost your app downloads, reduce uninstalls and increase in-app purchases with stimulating video ads

Trusted by the industry, from independent gaming studios through to AAA publishers

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Want new players? There’s an app for that.

Our motivation-based framework allows you to produce bespoke variations of your ad to hook a more diverse player base. We strike the right balance between authentic gameplay and visually string hooks that appeal to multiple audiences

Level up YOUR Game


Age of Magic: Using striking visuals to expand RPG player base

+400% increase in percentage of Playable users


Multiple wins for Rovio's Phoenix Rangers

-18% Cost per install

+18% Click-through rate


Increased In-App Purchases for Call Of War

Ranked #1 and #2

creatives out of 5 in 2 week A/B test

Your success is ours too.

Tier1 and APAC Expertise

Go the extra mile! Our international team of experts can culturize your assets, no matter where you are

Creative refresh for rapid testing and less fatigue.

Our packages offer a hero concept and multiple variations for rapid testing based on performance.

Made to Perform

We tap into player motivations to drive ad performance and produce creative that stays true to your brand and resonates with your audience.

Colgate – Palmolive

The VMG Digital team have been great to work with as a partner of ours. They have always been very responsive to our requests and managed the challenges and complexities of our projects in an agile way; delivering quality digital assets for our campaigns

James Hoult
Brand Manager / Colgate - Palmolive

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