Finding payable audiences by playing outside of the box

With high saturation in the RPG mobile game market, differentiation is challenging and media buy can be costly. Playkot needed to stand out and expand the audience beyond the typical RPG player base with an enticing ad that appealed to multiple motivations.

The Goal

To acquire new payable users for Playkot’s RPG game Age of Magic with the lowest possible cost-per-acquisition


Saturation and ad fatigue due to exposure to other RPG games in the market.

The Solution

Taking advantage of the Age of Magic remarkable graphics for its characters and landscapes, the VMG Digital team embarked on a quest to feature the most appealing characters, rewards and motivations in the game.

As part of the studio’s research, the team scoured through different fansites, such as the AoM Subreddit, to fully understand what players like/dislike about the game, the player motivations and information on which heroes would make the strongest squad so ads resonate with the audience. 

VMG Digital created three hero concepts under the motivations framework to appeal to multiple type of gamers.

The Escapism motivation highlights a general overview of the characters, graphics and battles. The Power motivation shows the audience how they can “power up” their heroes and the battles they can participate in. 

The Discovery motivation was used to showcase options they can play with, rewards they can collect and how they can create a hero squad.

6x average Payable Users

6x average Payable Users

27% vs 4%