Gamifying Fitness Exercises With AR

Let’s get one thing straight, augmented reality is the future of fitness.

Statista predicts the global AR market will exceed $50 billion by 2027, driven by the rise of wearable tech and AR-capable devices. It’s not just some niche thing anymore. With around 1.4 billion active AR user devices out there, this tech is getting increasingly popular, especially in the AR fitness industry. 

Almost three out of four adults under 44 know what AR is. It’s practically everywhere! AR’s not just some sci-fi dream anymore, it’s becoming a big ol’ player in the tech game.

What’s even more interesting is that a quarter of people worldwide do not exercise and 44% of people find working out unenjoyable. That’s where fitness businesses can swoop in and shake things up! 

Through AR, businesses have a chance to grab the attention of this unfulfilled market and breathe new life into physical activity. Whether it’s diving into virtual worlds, tackling interactive challenges, or getting instant feedback, AR has what it takes to turn exercise into an immersive gamified experience. 

Here are a few successful AR Fitness campaigns to take inspiration from! 

Zombie, Run!

AR tech has changed how we do fitness. Instead of boring old workouts, now we’ve got these awesome AR challenges that make staying active fun and exciting. Take “Zombies, Run!” for example. It’s a wildly entertaining and heart-racing game where you’re thrown into a zombie apocalypse, and you need to run to survive. You’re dodging zombies, collecting supplies, and saving survivors—all while getting a nice workout. 

And the best part? The game uses AR to bring the zombies and challenges right into your real-world surroundings. It’s like being in your own action movie! This kind of challenge makes working out feel like an adventure, keeping you hooked and motivated to achieve your fitness goals. With more AR fitness challenges popping up, the future of staying fit is looking more & more exciting.

Lululemon Studio Mirror

Lululemon Mirror is a cutting-edge home fitness system that brings the expertise of a personal trainer directly to your living room. Like Using AR technology, the Mirror transforms your mirror into a dynamic display where you can access live or on-demand workout classes led by expert instructors in various disciplines like yoga, strength training, or cardio—all from the comfort of home. 

What sets the Lululemon Mirror apart is its AR virtual instructors, acting as your personal cheerleader, providing feedback, motivation, and tailored recommendations to help you reach your fitness goals. With their expert guidance and interactive coaching, staying fit becomes both enjoyable and accessible for everyone, showcasing the bright and fun future of fitness as AR fitness platforms continue to evolve.


The @lululemon Studio allows me to meet my fitness goals at home, while seamlessly fitting into my space. @lululemon #lululemonstudio #ad

♬ Jupiter & Mars - ARDN

Floppy Bird Push-up Challenge

Push-up challenges on TikTok have taken a playful turn with the integration of interactive filters, such as the popular “Floppy Bird” game. In this trend, users are tasked with controlling a bird’s flight through a tunnel by performing push-ups to navigate it up and down. The game requires precision and coordination, as participants must sync their push-up movements with the bird’s motion on the screen, avoiding collisions with the tunnel walls. This creative fusion of fitness and gaming has captured the attention of TikTok users worldwide, encouraging them to engage in physical activity while having fun. As individuals strive to beat their high scores and conquer the challenge, they not only enjoy a fun and entertaining experience but also reap the benefits of a workout that strengthens their muscles and boosts their energy levels. 


Try this flappy bird filter on Instagram, while doing push-ups. I’m tryna see what yall get. #fitness #fittok #gymtok #gymrat #gym #pushups #fypシ

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Holoswim AR Glasses

Designed specifically for swimmers, these innovative glasses immerse users in a virtual world of data and visualization as they glide through the water. With a sleek and lightweight design, Holoswim AR glasses seamlessly integrate augmented reality technology into the swimming experience, offering real-time feedback on stroke technique, lap times, and distance covered. Swimmers can access vital metrics directly in their field of view, allowing for uninterrupted focus and immediate adjustments to their performance. Additionally, Holoswim AR glasses enhance safety by providing navigational cues and alerts, ensuring that swimmers stay on course and within their comfort zones.

AR technology is transforming how we exercise and stay healthy. Whether it’s using TikTok filters to make workouts fun or AR smart glasses for swimming and running, the options are endless. Plus, AR-powered mirrors like the Lululemon Mirror and virtual instructor apps offer personalized guidance that takes fitness to the next level. 

Businesses in the fitness industry can gain a competitive edge by embracing AR and enhancing customer engagement and innovation. Ultimately, AR has the potential to revolutionize fitness, making workouts more enjoyable and effective for everyone.

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Frequently Asked Questions About AR

From virtual try-ons, product demonstrations, virtual tours, in-store demonstrations, marketing, and advertising, AR has proven to work effectively and efficiently. It is being adopted by almost every industry around the globe. 

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