The 8 rules of TikTok campaigns

What makes the TikTok audience tick? Learn eight rules to drive results on TikTok.

With TikTok gaining momentum globally, it is crucial to know what really drives users to engage. Learn eight key factors to consider when running campaigns on TikTok.


1. Encourage UGC


The brand rule-book is reinvented when it comes to engaging users in TikTok – and that includes encouraging users to create content for the brand.

It’s not just about promoting a hashtag challenge to encourage users to submit their videos for a specific hashtag. It’s also about adopting the UCG look and feel and creative truly immersive ads that resemble the organic videos users create.

It all drives high engagement, authenticity and more fun for everyone!

2. Capture attention from the first second

Think 6 seconds is enough to make an impact? Think again. Some ad formats only last 3 seconds and 63% of ads with highest CTR highlights their key message in the first 3 seconds. Making an impact from the first second is crucial.

And even though some ads can be as long as 60 seconds, optimized versions should be no longer than 15 seconds.

3. Mind the gap

The TikTok interface has an overlay with options to engage with the ad, and information about the creator. Be mindful when creating your ad to keep the key areas of your creative within the safe zone and not covered by profile pictures, CTAs, descriptions or hashtags.

4. Music is everything

Forget the rule “design for sound-off”, delight with “sound-on”. Sound is ALWAYS on on TikTok!

With over 7,000 royalty free tracks to choose from, and the ability to upload your own – music takes centre stage in the platform.

Ads auto-play with sound on and music is expected to be a major component of the content generated by both users and brands.

Use energetic, fast-paced music to grab attention and don’t be afraid to experiment with tunes that are trending to get traction.

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4. Be creative

Your ad is going to be competing against highly engaging, innovative and fun content generated by users. Embrace authenticity and creativity even if that means thinking outside the brand “box”.


5. Go vertical to take advantage of the screen real estate 

To drive better VTRs, use vertical videos. You can also repurpose horizontal assets by including elements around it and avoid unused space such as your logo, Calls to Action or In-game characters.


6. Engage with promotions

Data shows that TikTokers love a good deal! 50% of ads with the highest CTR contain a compelling hook or offer that is catered specifically to the TikTok community. 


7. Refresh your Creatives frequently

Trends move fast on TikTok! Combat ad fatigue with weekly refreshes to keep the audience engaged.


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