5 Best Marketing Campaigns for Halloween 2023

It may come to you as a surprise but Halloween comes in second to Christmas for being the most popular holiday in the US & 9th globally. The significant opportunities it presents for your business are paramount, and your brand should definitely seize them.

If you’re unsure where to begin, here are some of the most successful Halloween marketing campaigns that spooked the advertising arena. We’ll also discuss different creative trends & tips to help you rock this year’s Halloween celebration.

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Brands That Nailed  Halloween Marketing

Here are a few notable examples of an effective Halloween marketing campaign you may take inspiration from. 

The Addams Family Gets Candified!

M&M has consistently delivered outstanding Halloween-themed video campaigns that never fail to generate excitement. In a 2007 commercial, the brand playfully transformed the Addams Family into candy characters to showcase their dark chocolate product. The ad cleverly incorporated the iconic Addams Family music, adding an engaging twist that captivated viewers.

Geico’s Humorous Parodies

Geico is known for its Halloween-themed video ads that parody classic horror movies or supernatural scenarios. These humorous videos have garnered significant attention and engagement on social media. While it’s difficult to quantify direct sales impact, these ads reinforce brand recognition and keep Geico top-of-mind when people think about insurance.

Snickers “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry”

Snickers often creates Halloween video ads that cleverly tie into their “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” campaign. These ads show people transforming into monsters or famous characters when they’re hungry for Snickers. The success lies in the ads’ humor and the increased sales and brand association with satisfying hunger.


halloween 2010snostalgia 2010sthrowback 2019 2010shalloween snickers

♬ original sound - MyFaboriteTiktokChannel

Heinz “Tomato Blood Ketchup

Heinz launched a limited edition ‘Tomato Blood Ketchup, the same beloved sauce, but in a Halloween-themed package. To promote it, the brand introduced a TikTok hashtag challenge encouraging their audiences to create Halloween-themed videos featuring the tomato blood ketchup using the hastags, #HeinzHalloween and #Sweepstakes. The campaign was a absolute success which had over 5 billion views!


#ad if you have @heinz Tomato Blood you have a costume! Grab your own bottle at your local store while supplies last! #HeinzHalloween #HeinzPartner

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Chipotle “Boorito Campaign

In collaboration with the popular TikTok personality Addison Ray (@addisonre), Chipotle introduced the #boorito hashtag challenge on TikTok encouraging audiences to utilize the platform’s morph feature to visually transform into their Halloween alter ego. The audiences can then unlock discount codes and get free burritos. This is in a collaboration with TikTok personality, Addison Ray. The result was nothing short of spectacular– an impressive 4.2 billion views!


show me past costumes & this year! use boorito, #contest & this sound. picking ppl to win 1yr of free @chipotle ! terms: chip.tl/boo  #ad 👻

♬ Monster Mash (Ethan Fields Remix) - Chipotle

Creative Trends for Halloween 2023 

In recent years, Halloween marketing has seen a shift towards more innovative and engaging creative strategies. Here are some trends we expect to see with the rise of new formats and creative techniques for Halloween. 

Interactive Content

Interactive videos, quizzes, and games that allow consumers to participate in a brand’s Halloween story or campaign are becoming increasingly popular. Brands may create choose-your-own-adventure style videos or interactive social media filters and apps.


A Halloween quiz for you! Write your answer in the comments! How many right answers have you got?

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Augmented Reality 

AR and VR technologies offer immersive experiences. Brands can create AR filters, lenses, or VR experiences that allow users to engage with Halloween-themed content in a fun and interactive way.


New Spooky Pumpkin Head Pets Effect! ✨️🐱🐶 Point the camera at your cat or dog and join the Halloween fun! 🎃 #spooky #halloween #effecthouse #filter #augmentedreality #ar #effecthousecreator #cute #pet #dog #cat #effect

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User-Generated Content 

Encouraging customers to create and share their Halloween content related to your brand can be a powerful strategy. UGC campaigns can include contests for the best Halloween costume featuring your product, or sharing customer-generated stories and photos.

Short-Form Video

Platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels have become dominant for short-form video content. Brands can create entertaining, bite-sized Halloween-themed videos to reach a younger and more engaged audience.

Choosing the Right Creative Partner

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Frequently Asked Questions About AR for Halloween

Augmented Reality (AR) enhances Halloween by offering virtual costume try-ons, interactive decorations, scavenger hunts, virtual pumpkin carving, haunted house tours, and more. It blends the physical and digital worlds, adding interactivity, creativity, and a touch of magic to make Halloween more engaging and memorable for all ages.

You can create your own AR Halloween content using various AR development tools and platforms. With the right software and creativity, you can design AR experiences, decorations, games, or filters to add a unique and personalized touch to your Halloween campaigns. 

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