Top Digital Video Trends of 2021

Head of Creative Prashanth Muralidhar shares the top digital video trends he expects to see in 2021.

The top social media platforms are now video platforms. Video on TikTok, Instagram and Facebook is expected to hit USD 13 billion by 2024. Video and social are now hand in hand, and so are the trends coming up for the year. 


AR Filters and Lenses

Tiktok is expected to see a huge jump in video posts from millions of users who are now getting to use complex AR filters. It capitalizes on the need of people to play with how they could potentially see themselves and push the boundaries of the camera. 

Brands are also taking the plunge to promote themselves by working with influencers to allow interactivity with their brand and at scale. 

Some industries such as beauty and entertainment have great opportunities to deepen engagement with their audience.

Virtual try-ons of cosmetics allows users to ‘try’ before they buy. Expect more AR being used by cosmetic brands in skin, hair or make-up.


Gamified ads are becoming popular not just among gaming advertisers but also brands. Interactivity offers lots of opportunities for engagement and it’s proven to increase ad recall.

Gamification offers versatility to promote the gameplays with a brad variety of visuals and stoylines.

Another great advantage is that you can capture the attention of the viewers across all video ratios.


Who doesn’t love memes? It’s unlikely that you finish your day without laughing at a meme on Facebook or Instagram. Memes have become an integral part of our digital life. 

Whilst most memes are still images, the trend is now moving into the video world. 

Being at the centre of most viral  content,  brands are now starting to use memes to promote themselves to tap into their popularity.

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Toon Trendy

Animated illustrations are going to become more and more popular due to their versatility.  

Animation can be fun, highly customized as well as informative.

It solves big problems for brands which may not have video clips to run an ad, or video assets that don’t suit a certain market. No problem! Animation is there to come to the rescue.

Animation is a great playground for digital advertising because there are  no ratio constrains to make illustrated video ads and there is no limit in terms of characters that can be created to resonate with any kind of audience or demographic.

Brands like Brainly, Oreo, Kurzgesagt, and much more rely on illustrative videos to garner millions of views and get a high return on this very valuable format. 

Prashanth Muralidhar

Prashanth Muralidhar

Head of Creative at VMG Digital

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