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The Future of Social Ads

Take a look into the technology that is driving the most significant changes in social media advertising.

The future is AR

Discover how AR can enhance your ads, help you find new customers and delight your audience.

TikTok Branded Effects

Learn about TikTok Branded Effects formats and creative considerations.

Facebook AR-powered ads

Discover how AR is set to enhance ad formats for product discovery and customer confidence.

63% of online shoppers claim AR will improve their shopping experience.


(Source: eCom Dash)

The future is FUN

Fun is a great way to connect with your audience! Learn how Playable Ads allows brands to step outside the corporate rule book and out to play. 

Customers who engage in a conversation with a brand are three times more likely to convert.

The Future is PERSONAL

Signal-resilient ad formats and strategies to win in a post pixels and cookies world.

Leveraging Ad Creative to Find Your Audience

After the iOS14 release, your campaign relies Creative relevance more than ever before. Discover how you can use your ad creative to target accurately.

Post iOS14 and Mobile Gaming

Our Gaming Commercial Lead explains why creative quality and quantity are key to bump games to the top of rankings in a post app-tracking world.

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