Santa’s Suggestions for Content that Connects.   

The marketing campaigns that roll in each Christmas season have a strong standard to meet and tradition to uphold. Perhaps only matched by Superbowl halftime ads in their anticipation and appeal, the content is both recognizable for its seasonal styling and memorable for the cord they consistently strike. These campaigns join a family of festive arrivals including genetic and other relatives, bad jokes in crackers, and ridiculous outstanding festive jumpers.

Christmas ads (or ‘the holiday season’) took hold with the rise of Television, and these often big-budget productions helped shape the sentiment of the season – cementing the jingle/ soundtrack, slogans, and even color (insert Coca-Cola red Santa here) that would define the commercial side of the celebration. 

John Lewis’s Christmas 2007 certainly wasn’t the beginning of the big ad era but for many encapsulated the spirit like few had before them. The narrative (like society) has evolved slightly over time but at its core remains about people and the feeling that we share as we come together, and give a little for the joy of others.  

Some have railed against the selflessness of Christmas and landed ‘tongue and cheek self-indulgence’ to great effect. Harvey Nichols ‘Sorry I Spent it on Myself’ – now 10 years old stands out for both its product generation and effective conveyance to not forget to treat yourself too. 

There is an underlying truth to all of these messages, a great big dollop of sincerity, a spoonful of childhood reflection, a pinch of product, garnished to great effect with a voiceover and soundtrack that brings it all together.  

But are these big TV campaigns transferable to the world of digital and particularly social or mobile. Can we create an emotive feeling in a very limited amount of time (perhaps even with sound off) and if so do we have to cut ourselves short or can we just rethink the way we deliver the narrative for early engagement?

How to Win Over Your Consumers This Christmas?

Think in chapters – not to be confused with cut-down videos.

Keeping your Christmas video intriguing throughout is key. Capturing attention fast/early starts our ability to have any kind of conversation – and it is a conversation, not a lecture. This is digital after all, not broadcast, tailored content alternatives surround your ad. Deliver your message as one that continues to vie for and reward attention with treats/reveals and plot development. Just because someone hasn’t watched to the end of your ad doesn’t mean they haven’t taken the essence from it but if we get them to 3s, 6s, 10s, 20s, 40s, 60s what have they taken at each point and is there a clear draw to stay the course toward the end beyond each of these milestones. The next most important question of our content is what have we delivered within each of these brackets to ensure they know and align the messages with who we are, what we are about, and demonstrate our understanding of their world/lives, and how we are here to enhance it.

Strong Hook Early

Hook viewers instantly in your Christmas marketing campaign. Start with a compelling intro or offer to captivate attention from the get-go. A strong hook at the beginning ensures engagement, enticing viewers to stay and explore your festive message.

Include Clear CTAs

Incorporate clear and concise calls-to-action (CTAs) within the video content. Encourage viewers to take action—whether it’s “Shop Now,” “Discover More,” or “Limited Time Offer”—to drive immediate engagement.


Excited na kami maki-Pasko sa inyo, Shopee Besties 🎄 ShopeeMegaPamaskoSale

♬ original sound - Shopee Philippines - Shopee Philippines

Feature People

Highlighting people in your Christmas marketing adds a personal touch. Showcase joyful moments, interactions, or testimonials to resonate with audiences emotionally. Featuring people creates relatability, drawing customers into the festive spirit and strengthening connections with your brand.


Safe to say… we enjoyed our Pepsi Snuggies #PepsiSnuggie#PepsiPartner

♬ original sound - Pepsi - Pepsi

AR Engagement

Integrating AR technology, like filters or branded effects, elevates your Christmas marketing. Engage audiences with interactive experiences, letting them immerse in holiday-themed fun or try products virtually. AR adds an exciting, shareable element that captivates and connects with customers memorably.


I really enjoyed using this filter by @Huawei its so cute and fun! Go ahead and try it guys 🥰 Join #ReindeerRun to spread Christmas spirit to everyone!#ad

♬ original sound - Lex - Lex

Highlight Deals Creatively

Creatively showcasing deals in your Christmas marketing amplifies their appeal. Use eye-catching visuals, limited-time offers, or festive-themed promotions to make discounts irresistible. Highlighting deals in a creative manner captures attention and entices customers to seize the holiday savings.

Storytelling and Emotion

Craft a compelling narrative or evoke emotions that resonate with your audience. Use storytelling elements to create a connection, whether it’s by sharing success stories, showcasing product transformations, or invoking a sense of urgency.

Mobile Optimization

Ensure videos are optimized for mobile viewing. Keep subtitles or text legible, use vertical formats for platforms like TikTok or Instagram Stories, and prioritize visuals that resonate even on smaller screens.

Consistent Branding

Maintain consistency in brand messaging, colors, and tone across all videos to reinforce brand identity and recognition, even amidst the excitement of Black Friday.


Home is where the #holidays are. Also the refrigerator, washer, dryer and all the best Samsung appliances. 🔥 Learn more: #BespokeRefrigerator #Samsung

♬ original sound - Samsung - Samsung

Collab with Influencers

Partnering with influencers during your Christmas campaign boosts brand credibility and widens your reach. Their authentic promotion to a dedicated audience can drive engagement, conversions, and visibility, forging real connections amid the holiday rush.


Drinking this could transport you to the Year 3000* *This claim was not endorsed by legal

♬ original sound - Coca-Cola

Christmas Campaigns That We Loved

Disney’s “From Our Family to Yours”

This marketing campaign was a masterclass in emotionally resonant storytelling and strategic social media execution. Centered on a Filipino family’s multi-generational connection with a Mickey Mouse doll, the campaign strategically harnessed the universal appeal of Disney characters and cultural relevance. Leveraging a multi-platform approach across YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, Disney tailored content for each platform, sharing the heartwarming narrative in various formats. By employing audience targeting techniques, the campaign ensured its message reached individuals likely to connect deeply with the themes of family, tradition, and nostalgia associated with Disney. 

The creative strategy brilliantly fused personalization and cultural relevance, offering a fresh perspective on tradition while inviting user participation with a campaign-specific hashtag. This approach maximized engagement, sparking conversations, and encouraging audiences worldwide to share their own family stories, making “From Our Family to Yours” a viral sensation and a heartwarming highlight of the holiday season across social media.

IKEA’s “Place IKEA Furniture in Your Home”

IKEA’s “Place IKEA Furniture in Your Home” AR app transformed the holiday shopping experience through an innovative campaign strategy. The brand strategically leveraged augmented reality across various social media platforms, primarily focusing on Instagram and Facebook. By showcasing the app’s functionality, IKEA allowed users to virtually place Christmas-themed furniture and décor in their homes, engaging audiences with personalized, relevant, and immersive experiences. 

Targeting users interested in home decor, tech-savvy shoppers, and those seeking convenience during the holiday season, IKEA tailored its content to resonate with these specific demographics. The creative strategy revolved around offering a new way to visualize and shop for holiday furnishings, offering a fresh take on traditional browsing methods. This campaign not only provided utility but also tapped into the festive spirit, enabling consumers to envision their ideal holiday settings with IKEA’s products, marking a significant shift in the way customers engaged with the brand during Christmas shopping.

Lego’s “Stop Motion Animation Reels”

Lego’s Christmas marketing campaign was a masterclass in leveraging engaging reels to showcase holiday-themed LEGO sets with stop-motion animation across social media platforms. The strategy revolved around captivating audiences with visually stunning and festive content while promoting their seasonal product line. Lego maximized platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, tailoring content formats for each audience segment. Their reels were meticulously crafted, offering creative storytelling and immersive stop-motion animations that resonated with viewers of all ages. Targeting both Lego enthusiasts and families seeking holiday gifts, the campaign’s creative strategy showcased the joy and imagination associated with Lego while offering fresh, new takes on their holiday-themed sets. Through personalized narratives and relevant content, Lego’s reels not only entertained but also inspired, creating a buzz and driving engagement during the festive season.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Christmas Marketing

Personalized strategies resonate deeply with consumers, fostering a sense of connection and relevance, ultimately boosting engagement and driving purchases during the festive period.

Social media and digital platforms serve as vibrant avenues for reaching and engaging with Christmas consumers, allowing brands to deploy targeted, visually appealing campaigns that align with evolving consumer behaviors and preferences.

Marketing trends evolve by prioritizing adaptability and responsiveness to shifting consumer expectations, focusing on authenticity, storytelling, and personalized experiences that capture attention and drive meaningful interactions during the holiday season.

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