TikTok appoints VMG Digital as a global Creative Marketing Partner

Helping brands to engage and measure success with TikTok users

Helping brands to engage and measure success with TikTok users 


VMG Digital, which creates bespoke, mobile-first video creative, optimised for social media platforms, today announces it has been appointed as a global Creative Marketing Partner for the TikTok Marketing Partner Program. 

Since launch in August 2020, the TikTok Marketing Partner Program gives brand marketers access to tools to create, measure and optimise ad campaigns on the video-sharing app. VMG Digital is one of the select partners signed to produce customised creatives that assist brands to leverage TikTok’s unique user interface. 

VMG Digital has integrated the TikTok marketing application programming interface (API) into its bespoke video ad platform, Create, enabling brands to publish assets directly into TikTok’s ad manager and view campaign insights. 

Create is VMG Digital’s briefing and ad creative delivery platform where advertisers can submit their brief, upload brand assets, and review assets produced by the VMG Digital studio. Brands can subsequently approve and upload their ads into the TikTok ads manager directly from Create and gather valuable insights. 

“The VMG Digital studio of video producers and motion graphic designers are fully equipped to create TikTok-specific ads in multiple formats that can be briefed online via our Create platform,” Amrita Sidhu, Global Commercial and Partnerships Director for VMG Digital says. 

“Our team can take any brand assets and transform them into tailored, engaging, fun-filled ads that meet the exacting requirements of the TikTok platform and resonate with the TikTok audience to drive results– from awareness generation to capturing demand and building loyalty.” 

VMG Digital is capable of producing all types of TikTok ad formats, including short-form videos for brand takeovers, as well as interactive augmented reality branded effects. 

“We are glad to appoint VMG Digital as a new Creative Partner as they understand that while consumer behaviours are shifting, creativity is the key to success on TikTok. By integrating with our platform, Creative Partners like VMG Digital are able to efficiently generate TikTok videos at scale and effectively implement the platform’s best practices,” said Adrian Man, Director, Monetization Partnerships, TikTok. 

He continued, “Creative Partners leverage their technical integration with the platform to send assets and pull reporting insights directly to and from TikTok ad accounts.” 

The TikTok partnership equips VMG Digital customers with a trusted source to help educate them and navigate this new and innovative platform, and produce assets that connect with their customers on TikTok. For more information click here.

About VMG Digital 

VMG Digital is the VMG Group’s mobile-first bespoke video creative division that works with brands to effectively optimise marketing assets for social media. We are passionate about video creative produced with craft and human creativity that performs to deliver results from awareness to demand generation and advocacy. VMG Digital works directly with the world’s top brands, agencies and technology partners.  For more information about this and other partnerships visit https://www.vmgdigital.com 

For further information please contact: 

Amrita Sidhu 
Global Commercial and Partnerships Director – VMG Digital 
M +65 8141 2559 
E amrita@vmgdigital.com 

Mercedes Carrin 
Senior Marketing Manager – VMG Digital 
M +61 4 3072 9397 
E mercedes@vmgdigital.com

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