How To Leverage Interactive Ads For Brand Success

An Interview with DesignRush

An Interview By Maja Skokleska, Content Manager

Did you know that a big chunk of brand success lies in your creatives? Creatives represent 70% of media performance and 63% of today’s consumers are most likely to engage in ads that feel relevant and personalized to them. 

Brand success means more than just advertising—it’s about seamless interaction with your audience. By turning passive viewers into active participants, brands create genuine connections that stick. It does not only boost engagement but also fosters brand loyalty.

In an exclusive interview with DesignRush, VMG Digital’s Chief Operating Officer, Peter Smyth, shared his insights on how to leverage interactive ads for brand success & how to capture audience attention with these ads the best way. In his 20 years in the advertising industry with 16 of those in digital, Peter’s expertise in marrying creatives & media to target high-intent audiences is nothing short of extraordinary.


Spotlight: 88% of marketers agree that interactive ads help brands differentiate themselves from the competition. Why do you think it’s important for a brand’s success? 

“Interactive marketing allows for a deeper story to be told, and more of your values and personality to shine through. This enables consumers to feel closer to you and more likely to choose you when on the shop floor.”

Spotlight: Speaking of interactive ads, 43% of consumers prefer to watch interactive videos to standard forms of video content. How can businesses catch their audience’s attention using these kinds of videos the best?  

“Ultimately it should always be quick to the point 2-3 seconds, and build over time and leverage the features of the platform to ensure a fit within the surrounding content you are asking them to not move on to.”

Spotlight: Sprout Social named VMG Digital as one of the top five TikTok creative agencies for 2023 and was recognized for its Samsung campaign. Tell us about the campaign and what the result was.

Samsung’s challenge was to drive awareness of the latest Fold3 and Flip3 smartphones to millennials in Vietnam. The AR filter drove”


#VuDieuGapMo Gập gập, mở mở I love it!!! Xịn quá xịn quá ❤️ #TheHeGalaxyZ #ad

♬ Gập Mở Cùng Galaxy Z - Mew Amazing
  • 1B video views | The fastest campaign to ever achieve the milestone in Vietnam. 
  • No. 1 market share in the market (September 2021). 
  • 14% sales lift

“LG’s campaign using branded effects aimed to further generate awareness and encourage youth participation”


LG Electronics TikTok Campaign Success Story In today’s #MakeAMove episode, we feature LG Life’s Good campaign on TikTok which included a Branded Effect and accompanying hashtag challenge #lifeisgooddance to further generate awareness and encourage participation amongst the youth. The branded effect was designed with a bespoke background filter to track body movements as the audience dances along to the track. The campaign received 7B+ views, 2M+ video creations, and 12b+ branded effect panel impressions. Check out our bio to learn more about LG’s success story. #tiktok #tiktokbusiness #lg #vmg #vmgdigital #creativevideo #brandedeffect #hashtagchallenge

♬ original sound - VMG Digital - VMG Digital
  • 7B+ views
  • 2M+ video creations
  • 12M+ branded effect panel impressions.

Read the full case study here

Spotlight: You are TikTok branded effects partners. Can you tell us a bit more about this experience? 

“VMG Digital was amongst the first global partners with TikTok Branded Effects — TikTok’s closed AR platform for designing and building fit-for-purpose augmented reality filters”

Spotlight: VMG Digital helps businesses like Amazon, Nestle, and American Express transform their brand assets into effective ads across digital channels. How challenging is it to deliver strategies for brands like this, and can you highlight one project you are proud of? 

“Handling established brands comes with great responsibility to uphold the value they have earned. Digital particularly represents a real challenge for them as it is not one channel but many, and each comes with its nuances.”

Spotlight: AR is a major buzz in marketing campaigns. How does it work and how businesses can take advantage of it?  

“Branded filters can range from face masks to scanning objects to unlock rewards/hidden items, AR games controlled by blinking or moving your face, and much, much more. 75% of consumers are interested in using AR to interact with a product before buying.”

– 2022 Ipsos Augmented Reality Shift Study.

Spotlight: Lastly, what are some of the biggest 2023 trends we can expect to see in video marketing and advertising?  

“Short form & long form as one, Interactivity means engagement, 3D & Illustrated Ads, Augmented Reality,


Thank you for the Spotlight DesignRush, and check out other inspiring business success stories, here.

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Frequently Asked Questions About AR

From virtual try-ons, product demonstrations, virtual tours, in-store demonstrations, marketing, and advertising, AR has proven to work effectively and efficiently. It is being adopted by almost every industry around the globe.

Creating AR experiences for advertising purposes may not be possible internally unless you are equipped and experienced to do so. Your best bet is to hire a creative agency like VMG Digital that is fully packed with experience, research, and insights, and equipped with highly-talented animators, designers, and editors, to do the hard stuff for you. Learn more about AR Ads.

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