Co-Create with your customers on TikTok

Embrace The Power Of Fun with TikTok Branded Effects.

The Ultimate Interactive Ad Format

Technology is changing the way your audience wants to interact with your brand.

Augmented Reality (AR) allows TikTokers to co-create with your brand in a fun, engaging, immersive experience, delivering stunning brand and conversion metrics.

What are TikTok Branded Effects?

Branded effects are filters powered by AR technology and activated by facial expressions, postures or motions to deliver an interactive experience. 

Each type of branded effect on TikTok has its own technology, purpose and creative complexity.

We are TikTok Branded Effects Partners.

As TikTok Creative Marketing Partners we are excited to further deepen our partnership with TikTok via our Branded Effects specialisation.

  • Technical expertise to develop all types of Branded Effects on TikTok.
  • We apply creative best-practice to everything we do.
  • Get recommendations on what type of concept and branded effect best suits your campaign objectives
  • Quick turnaround and highly ranked customer service.

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